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Sabha, Libya (26.99562 15.10654)

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Name: Sabha topographic map, elevation, relief.
Coordinates: 26.24692 13.93238 27.74119 16.28072
Minimum elevation: 967 ft
Maximum elevation: 3,590 ft
Average elevation: 1,594 ft


Sabha District borders the following districts, namely, Wadi Al Shatii in north, Al Jufrah in east, Murzuq in south and Wadi Al Hayaa in the west. Sabha District is in the Fezzen region (Libyan Desert), a section of the Sahara Desert. The Sabha Air Base is in the district. The Gaberoun oasis, on a spring fed lake, is a popular tourist attraction in the district. Libya has mostly a flat undulating plain and occasional plateau, with an average elevation of around 423 m (1,388 ft). Around 91 per cent of the land is covered by desert, with only 8.8 per cent agricultural land (with only 1% arable lands) and 0.1 per cent of forests. The climate is desert in most parts of the district. Dust storms lasting four to eight days is pretty common during Spring. Triplotania is the northwest region, while it is Cyrenacia in the east and Fezzen in southwest. Fezzen is mostly full of deserts. The region receives an annual rainfall of 2.5 in (64 mm). There are no perennial rivers in the region, but the region is abundant with groundwater aquifers.

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Sabha, Libya (27.03315 14.43169)

Coordinates: 26.87315 14.27169 27.19315 14.59169 - Minimum elevation: 1,305 ft - Maximum elevation: 1,707 ft - Average elevation: 1,427 ft