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Altai Mountains

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Altai Mountains, Джазаторское сельское поселение, Kosh-Agachsky Rayon, Altai Republic, Siberian Federal District, Russia (49.80800 86.64460)

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Name: Altai Mountains topographic map, elevation, relief.
Coordinates: 49.80795 86.64455 49.80805 86.64465
Minimum elevation: 2,459 m
Maximum elevation: 4,253 m
Average elevation: 3,112 m

Altai Mountains

In the north of the region is the Sailughem Mountains, also known as Kolyvan Altai, which stretch northeast from 49° N and 86° E towards the western extremity of the Sayan Mountains in 51° 60' N and 89° E. Their mean elevation is 1,500 to 1,750 m. The snow-line runs at 2,000 m on the northern side and at 2,400 m on the southern, and above it the rugged peaks tower some 1,000 m higher. Mountain passes across the range are few and difficult, the chief being the Ulan-daban at 2,827 m (2,879 m according to Kozlov), and the Chapchan-daban, at 3,217 m, in the south and north respectively. On the east and southeast this range is flanked by the great plateau of Mongolia, the transition being effected gradually by means of several minor plateaus, such as Ukok (2,380 m) with Pazyryk Valley, Chuya (1,830 m), Kendykty (2,500 m), Kak (2,520 m), (2,590 m), and (2,410 m).

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