Theodore Roosevelt Island topographic map

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About this map

Name: Theodore Roosevelt Island topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Theodore Roosevelt Island, McLean, District of Columbia, 22101, United States (38.88947 -77.06725 38.90022 -77.05823)

Average elevation: 20 m

Minimum elevation: -1 m

Maximum elevation: 74 m

The island's vegetation is quite diverse for a relatively small area, due to its geological and topographic variety, the frequency of floods, its land-use history (including various periods of landscaping), and its location in an urban area in which many non-native species occur. Most of the island is deciduous forest of various kinds, including uplands, riparian shores, and swamps. There is also an area of fresh-water tidal (estuarine) marsh, and a few small bedrock outcrops of metamorphic Piedmont rock, some along the tidal shore. The variety of freshwater estuarine intertidal habitats along the island's shores is particularly notable.