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Name: Hisar topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Hisar, Hisar District, Haryana, 125001, India (28.99627 75.56923 29.31627 75.88923)

Average elevation: 213 m

Minimum elevation: 207 m

Maximum elevation: 229 m

Hisar is located at 29°05′N 75°26′E / 29.09°N 75.43°E / 29.09; 75.43 in western Haryana. It has an average elevation of 215 m (705 ft) above mean sea level. The region is part of the alluvial Ghaggar-Yamuna plain and its southern and western portions mark a gradual transition to the desert. The Ghaggar and the Drishadvati rivers once flowed through the city. According to tectonic map, the district lies on Delhi-Lahore Ridge which is bounded by thrusts and no earthquake of any significance has originated in the zone in the past. Only one instance has been recorded of a famine occurring in the city in 1837–38.

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