Jenin topographic map

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Name: Jenin topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Jenin, Area A, West Bank, 180, Palestinian Territories (32.30188 35.13757 32.62188 35.45757)

Average elevation: 223 m

Minimum elevation: -140 m

Maximum elevation: 762 m

Jenin is situated at the foot of the rugged northernmost hills (Jabal Nablus) of the West Bank, and along the southern edge of the Jezreel Valley (Marj Ibn Amer),[65] which the city overlooks.[66] Its highest elevation is about 250 meters above sea level and its lowest areas are 90 meters above sea level.[67] Immediately southwest of Jenin is the Sahl Arraba plain (Dothan Valley), while further south is the Marj Sanur valley.[68] About 1.5 kilometers to Jenin's east is Mount Gilboa (Jabal Faqqua).[69]

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